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JP Lomeo -Level III Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Giampaolo (JP) Lomeo is a Level III Reconnective Healing® Practitioner & Healer

Phone: 928-301-6298
The Reconnection® is a comprehensive spectrum of new vibrational frequencies with the power to induce spontaneous healing.

Embodying Universal Intelligence and surpassing every other healing technique and modality, these frequencies are accessible to all, regardless of spiritual beliefs or any prior experience with healing.

If you believe in the transcendent power of healing and that a shift in consciousness can lead to your personal evolution, you have come to the right place- This was not an accident.

  • Spontaneously Heal diseases of any type: Physical, emotional or spiritual
  • Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution & Expand your Consciousness

  • Balance your Chakras and Energy body

  • Increase energy, vitality, stamina and Joy
  • Release negative emotional patterns

  • Light workers & Healers- Connect with  higher levels of Self and Universal Awareness
  • Open up your psychic and intuitive potential
  • Increase Synchronicities and Manifestation
  • Re -download your original, Divine Energetic Blueprint

  • Embrace the life that you were meant to live!

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JP Lomeo- Sedona Reconnective Healer

“Reconnective Healing® is a phenomenon in the world of healing.”  Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment
"I highly recommend JP Lomeo as an Energy Healer to anybody who wishes to work with someone of high skill and integrity, to assist you in healing yourself with Universal/Source Energy channeled through his hands.
JP is a clear, open channel who easily receives these healing energies.  I have over 35 years experience in various healing modalities and trainings.  By far, JP is the best I’ve met to date!  He also has an open, warm and sincere spirit and will give you his very best every time. I have had healing sessions and the RECONNECTION work with him.  I feel confident and safe in his healing hands." 
Kelli Erickson, Ph.D., Sedona
Since my Energy Healing sessions, I now feel…a..great peacefulness within me…. as if a great load has been lifted and I can begin to just be and continue on my path.  JP is a very caring Healer and his passion about this work is very clearly evident.
Simply Awesome!!!!! “ 
Roseann P. Belleville, PA    
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Contact: jplomeo@gmail.com
 Phone:   928-301-6298
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