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What is "The Personal Reconnection®"?

"Reconnective Healing®" is performed when a person wishes to heal a specific issue, problem or challenge that they may be experiencing.

"The Personal Reconnection®" process is performed when a person wants to shift their consciousness to higher levels of awareness and accelerate their spiritual evolution. 

You reconnect to a timeless system of Intelligence, your Master Vibration and your Evolution. You are in fact choosing to access the "Knowingness" of all that you have learned throughout all your lifetimes, in this dimension and in all other dimensions of time and space....

A very long time ago, our body's energy circulatory system (the acupuncture meridians) was fully connected to the energy grid (Ley lines) that encircles the planet (and meet at power places like Stonehenge and Sedona) and that also extend out to connect with the Universal grid lines. We were fully connected with Source Energy. Somehow, for whatever reason, we became disconnected from these energy lines in the distant past.

Axiotonal Reconnection lines

“Reconnecting … the secret to all healing.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer, the best-selling author of The Power of Intention

The Personal Reconnection® is a unique, powerful and very sacred process that aligns, re-attunes, rebalances and renews the meridian energy circulatory system, and permanently reconnects our personal energy grid (meridian lines) into the Ley lines of the planet & to the Universal grid.

The Personal Reconnection® process also brings in new, rejuvenated "Axiatonal" lines and re-activates over 66 of the energy "Spin Points" in the body. "Spin points" are lesser known, but very powerful, tiny vortexes of Universal Energy (like mini chakras) on the surface of our body, which connect to the intersecting energy lines and allow all the cells of the body to merge into one unified, energy field, also known as the "Light Body."

The Personal Reconnection® allows us to receive a never ending influx of 5th dimensional Energy, Light and Information. This shifts our consciousness and transforms our body, mind and spirit. It reactivates our dormant DNA strands, reconnects the"Strings" and the"Strands" and reloads the "Adam Kadmon", our original, undamaged Divine Energetic Blueprint, which we were originally equipped with and that is our God given birthright as Human beings.

It is quite similar to downloading a new, fresh and upgraded computer program to replace an older, outdated one that is "buggy" and not functioning well anymore.

Once reconnected to the Higher Self, the "Axiatonal" lines continually recharge our energy body and permanently establish a vital, inseparable and powerful direct connection with Source Energy, the origin of all healing.

For more information on Axiatonal lines, please go to:

Reconnection Certified Energy Healer at Work

How It's Done

Your Personal Reconnection® session is done while you lay down comfortably, fully clothed, without shoes, on a massage table. JP will use his hands from a short distance, a few inches to several feet away from your body, focusing a flow of high level, fifth-dimensional healing energy, to draw and activate the new "Axiatonal" lines in your energy field and also to activate the energy "Spin Points & Chakras."  Once your energy grid is fully reactivated, it is sealed and anchored -Permanently- into the Grids of the planet and the Universe. It never needs to be repeated again.

JP will first spend a few minutes to answer any questions you may have, and then will work on you for about 45 minutes or so. Afterwards, he and you will talk about your experience, and discuss any questions that you may have. The entire session typically lasts about one hour.

The Personal Reconnection® is always done in two separate sessions (preferably on consecutive days) or at least within approximately three days after the first session.

It is preferable, but not absolutely necessary, to have received at least one or two Reconnective Healing® sessions prior to having the Personal Reconnection® process.

Everyone's experience during sessions will be different as we each have out own individual differences. Some clients report hearing and seeing angels, feeling the palpable presence of the Divine, visitations from departed ones, hearing celestial music, seeing indescribable colors and many other transcendent and other-worldly experiences. Some report feelings of incredible great joy, bliss or just feeling very peaceful and relaxed.

Some become so relaxed, they may even just fall asleep-it only just means that your body took some much needed rest. Ultimately however, whatever you experience during the session does not really matter in order for you to reap the  long term benefits. An experience is just that, something fleeting that comes and then is gone again.

What does matter is the permanent Reconnection to your Higher Self and Source Energy. Often it may take a few days or even weeks for your energy body to fully integrate these new vibrational energy patterns and for you to start noticing the changes that are taking place in your life. The Personal Reconnection® continues to work permanently, and you will notice the difference as it continues to unfold over time. Just look back at your life a few months afterwards, and notice what has transpired since.

The fee for the Personal Reconnection® is always set at $333.00 (which includes the two sessions). There is a very important and mystical reason for this number. Receiving your Personal Reconnection is a choice. Not everyone chooses to shift their life and Evolution at this accelerated pace. The Personal Reconnection is facilitated only once in a lifetime.

Giampaolo (JP) Lomeo is a Reconnection® Certified Practitioner R.C.P., a Foundational Practitioner and a Omni-Dimensional Energy Healer. He makes no claims, promises or guarantees and is neither diagnosing nor treating any specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.

 If you have any serious medical conditions, please discuss them with JP prior to your session.

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