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About Earth Changes

It is not the end of the world. Yes, changes will happen, weather patterns will become more unpredictable, there will be earth-quakes and tornadoes, and wars and rumors of wars, and economic uncertainties and so on. When has our planet ever been free of such things ? We, Who we really are (at our core Essence), will always be here, no matter what happens.

Yet it seems that time is accelerating, events are occurring faster and everything is speeding up.

What may be actually occurring is that we (and our way of perceiving time) are expanding, and so while time may appear to be speeding up, what's actually going on is that we are becoming more, and perceiving more, and so it just seems that things are becoming compressed and time seems to go by faster.

Our perception of time is just changing, and what the Mayans predicted is not the end of the world but the "end of time" as we have known it, and some new form of time perception may become the norm. Kinda of difficult to grasp from our current point of view, but it's possible that we may reach a point where we realize that time is just an illusion anyway, and begin to truly live in the only time that there really is, which is this present moment. 

Remember that the future and the past don't really exist but in our minds. The past (which is just a memory in your mind) was the present moment when you experienced it. The future (which is just a thought in you mind right now) will also be the present moment when you experience it, so all that we ever, truly experience, only occurs in the now or in the present moment. That is the real and only time there ever is, and that is where we should always keep our awareness focused on. 

Now, there are real, significant and unmistakable changes occurring in our solar system that are having a profound effect on the electromagnetic fields of our sun and consequently also the earth.

Data from the "Voyager" NASA satellites indicates that our solar system, as it moves through space, has entered a highly charged, interstellar magnetic dust cloud. This magnetically charged dust cloud is affecting our sun, and all the planets in our system.

A famous Russian scientist, Dr. Dmitriev, of the Russian Academy of Science, has stated that he believes that this energy emitted by the sun is going to alter all the matter in our solar system. That is quite a statement!

Now, changes can seem scary. Imagine how the caterpillar must feel inside its cocoon as its previous body melts and dissolves into liquid soup, a seemingly horrifying change. Yet the result of that process is a transformation that is totally unexpected and results in an extraordinarily beautiful butterfly, something that the caterpillar could not have even dreamed about.

It is my belief that the changes that await humanity (and that are occurring within us right now) are on a scale of magnificence even greater than that experienced by a caterpillar, and we will be The Ones to witness this change!

What a fabulous adventure we are on!

Giampaolo (JP) Lomeo is a Reconnection® Certified Practitioner R.C.P., a Foundational Practitioner and an Omni-Dimensional Energy Healer. He makes no claims, promises or guarantees and is neither diagnosing nor treating any specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.

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